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Beer and Lifting- Not as bad as you think!

So you’re thinking on going out for drinks with friends after training?  Well think a little longer on that decision before things start to get out of hand.  I’m not saying don’t ever go out and get a drink, what I’m saying is don’t have 10.  Not only will you feel like crap the next […]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When deciding on big goals and listing out all the ways that you can accomplish them, you can get a feeling of accomplishment, that “yes I’m finally doing something”.  If that is all that you do then all it is is a false sense of accomplishment.  You didn’t actually do anything you set out to […]

Just Show Up

There are times when you are not at your best, when you have so much on your plate that there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  That the “easier” task to accomplish will take precedent because it will have a direct effect on your immediate future instead of long down the […]

  Mooovement: Key to body’s success

  For many of us our daily lives pertain to us sitting around a desk, sitting around a kitchen table or sitting around the tv.  If you think about it most people probably sit for more than 8-9 hours a day.   This is the new prototypical modern human that no longer needs to hunt […]

Weekend Update

Weekends are a great way to look at the week and see where you have made progress or may need some work.  My last post was on consistency and although I haven’t made as much time as I would have liked dedicated to this blog I have been fairly consistent in other parts.  At the […]

New Year, New Gainz?

First off, Happy New Year! Congrats on all the goals you set for yourself and met. Keep working hard at the ones you may have missed. Now that the holiday season is winding down, hopefully all of the delicious foods are gone and your bank accounts can start to recover a bit. New Year’s has […]

Standards of Consistency

So today I’m choosing to write about consistency.  When I am deciding about what I want to write about it’s usually about what I want more in my life or something I have been thinking about.  Lately it’s about my lack of consistency, in my diet and in keeping up with the blog specifically.  I […]

Ending Workout Confusion

Working out at the gym does not have to be rocket science. Rather than constantly chasing the latest craze or shiniest object, sticking with a simple easy to follow template will keep you in the gym more often and give you faster results. The following template can be used with almost any population, is fully […]

Three Laws of Exercise

Retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink says it best: “DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM” Now obviously we are not going over seas and going to war or anything remotely close to it. But we do have daily battles within our minds and inner demons that we have to constantly fight off in order to achieve any sort of […]

When To Begin

Figuring out your goals and how to accomplish them seem like the hardest part of any solid workout program. So much time and effort is put into the process and you’re probably feeling pretty good about all of the work you just did. But when should you start your new program or when is the optimal […]