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One of the biggest struggles with high school athletes is motivation. Not just motivation to play the sport they volunteered to play but motivation to put in the required work to be great. I have never been a big fan of rah rah cheerleader type motivation but do believe that the energy of the moment […]

Enough Talk

Talking is great, setting goals is great, checking in on the progress of your goals is great. Those are all habits of successful people. They take the time to figure out exactly what it is they want and constantly check up on the speed of their progress. Constantly talking and finding ways to make faster […]

Act With Intent

You have started, you have taken action but nothing is happening. What gives?  There is usually a really big reason for this.  You are taking action that lacks direction. In other words, you are just taking action to say that you took action.  This is a major issue for a lot of people including myself.  You […]

Confusing Your Muscles (And Brain)

Seeing as every other day a new fitness trend is released promising amazing results, it seems like a good idea to figure out why all of these programs are the “best” and how they actually get these results. Before getting into any science stuff, we all know that a lot of published results are total […]

It’s So Fluffy!

My number one priority this New Year was to get back to basics in my training. The most basic and efficient program around is 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler. The program is straight and to the point. Lift weights at a lighter percentage than your 1-Rm and make small, incremental gains over the long run. I […]

Finding Your Groove

Already a handful of days deep into the New Year, people have already started posting joke memes about how this year is already screwed up so they’ll make 2018 their year. I noticed at some point over the past year or two that social media has made being dumb, weak and ignorant somehow cool. Maybe you could […]

New Year, New Gainz?

First off, Happy New Year! Congrats on all the goals you set for yourself and met. Keep working hard at the ones you may have missed. Now that the holiday season is winding down, hopefully all of the delicious foods are gone and your bank accounts can start to recover a bit. New Year’s has […]

Find What You Love

In 2013 I hit PR’s in the big 3 lifts, I squatted 405, benched 235 and deadlifted 450 all at a bodyweight of 185ish. Fast forward to 2016 and I currently weigh 185ish, squat under 405, deadlift around 450 and bench under 235. Sounds odd that over the course of 3 years I literally didn’t […]

Standards of Consistency

So today I’m choosing to write about consistency.  When I am deciding about what I want to write about it’s usually about what I want more in my life or something I have been thinking about.  Lately it’s about my lack of consistency, in my diet and in keeping up with the blog specifically.  I […]

When Life Speeds Up…

Life has a tendency to speed up on us every now and then. Whether it is work responsibilities, family responsibilities, or you just have a ton going on in all aspects of life.  When this happens most people tend to spiral a little bit and look up months later only to realize things haven’t been […]