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My Girlfriend’s First Lift!

About a month or two ago I made a visit to Barbell Brigade and came home energized as always, talking a mile a minute about how I wish I lived closer so I could be a member. It must have been the straw that broke the camels back because eventually when I finally shut up about […]

Is It Worth It?

Before starting any new endeavor, one question lingers that we usually do not share with anyone. The question rattles around in our brain and we usually answer it without even directly thinking about it. The question of course is……is it worth it? Is it worth it to sacrifice some of your off-work hours to work […]

What Have You Done?

3,2,1 …..action??? Different people throughout my various social media platforms have posted Gary Vaynerchuk (if you do not know who he is look him up now) about working your ass off and getting things done. One quote of his that came across my computer screen today was “I am going to build the biggest building […]

Confusing Your Muscles (And Brain)

Seeing as every other day a new fitness trend is released promising amazing results, it seems like a good idea to figure out why all of these programs are the “best” and how they actually get these results. Before getting into any science stuff, we all know that a lot of published results are total […]

My Training

My current training: I am running Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 routine for the entirety of 2017. I have not made the strength gains I should have over the past couple years so my number one focus for this year is strength. My routine for the past month consisted of the following: Monday – OH Press (5/3/1 […]

Lost In The Sauce

I just got back from an awesome lift at Barbell Brigade and had time on the drive up and back to think about some things.  On the way their in the cluster fuck that is LA traffic, oh and it was raining so everyone naturally forgot how to operate a vehicle, I got to thinking about […]

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Gainz

If we had 100% complete control over our lives, it should be assumed that we would never make mistakes and all have the perfect lives we imagine. Unfortunately we do not have this kind of control and depending on who you are, this could be a good thing or a bad thing. New Years resolutions […]

Finding Your Groove

Already a handful of days deep into the New Year, people have already started posting joke memes about how this year is already screwed up so they’ll make 2018 their year. I noticed at some point over the past year or two that social media has made being dumb, weak and ignorant somehow cool. Maybe you could […]

New Year, New Gainz?

First off, Happy New Year! Congrats on all the goals you set for yourself and met. Keep working hard at the ones you may have missed. Now that the holiday season is winding down, hopefully all of the delicious foods are gone and your bank accounts can start to recover a bit. New Year’s has […]

Teaching Strength

One of the quickest way to not be taken seriously is to make excuses. In an age of self-love and acceptance of one’s flaws, we have become scared to take a stand and pursue things. We have placed imaginary cages around ourselves. We have hopes, dreams, wishes but are too scared to go after them. […]