Anthony “Moc” Moctezuma – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, received his Master’s Degree in Applied Health and Sport Science through Northwest Missouri State University where he also played baseball for the Bearcats (#oabaab). He also interned in the Northwest Missouri weightroom where he helped prepare the Bearcat football team to win their 5th national title. He is currently pursuing a teaching credential in Special Education while coaching high school baseball at his alma mater Kennedy High School, located in La Palma, CA. You can find him on Instagram @a_moc


Matthew Stropoli– Former professional baseball player (Hawaii Stars, Maui Na Koa Ikaika (Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs), Brownsville Charros (United League). Strength chaser and absolute gym addict with a passion for all things iron. Loves music from Schoolboy Q and most hip-hop all the way to The Beatles and Frank Sinatra. You can find him on Instagram @Str33tshark (Personal account) and @BarbellAddiction (All lifting)

Mike Arentz– I know 2 things very well. Swimming and lifting. I know you might think that’s a weird combination. I coach swimming (recently just started swimming again yay!) and I lift as a way of strengthening my mind, body and guns! I’ve been coaching swim for 7 years now and lifting seriously for about 5 years. Can you tell which one I enjoy more? I’ll give you a hint I’m feeling Mighty! I listen to business and comedy podcasts and in my free time you might find me in mosh pits at rock shows or at school working on them brain gains. Find me meditating at the beach or zen gardens or you can find me on instagram @marentz12