My Girlfriend’s First Lift!

About a month or two ago I made a visit to Barbell Brigade and came home energized as always, talking a mile a minute about how I wish I lived closer so I could be a member. It must have been the straw that broke the camels back because eventually when I finally shut up about what a great time I had my girlfriend said “Hey I want to come next time with you! I want to try lifting out!”. Needless to say I was all for it.  Any opportunity to turn someone onto lifting and to see their strength is one I will always take.


Basically the entire time we have been dating I have been lifting and loving building my strength.  My girlfriend played sports all through high school and was always into working out but just never got into lifting.  She has been going to barre class and doing yoga and absolutely loving it.  I never pushed her or prodded her to lift, I told her if she ever had any interest to just tell me and she would be more than welcome to come and see if she liked it.

Her interest started to build when we were at my parents house and I tossed on some videos of Bart and Geo from Barbell Brigade, she wanted to see who they were since I was so excited about meeting them on my previous visit.  She watched Geo absolutely dominating in the weight room  and heard what her and Bart both had to say about strength and it pushed her to want to give it a try.

Well let me tell you, I can’t believe she has never lifted with how well she did in her very first lift! Prior to her visit I talked her through some cues for deadlifts for a few days so it wouldn’t be completely foreign when we got to Barbell Brigade.  With her background in sports and other types of workouts she picked up the cues almost instantly and when we got to the gym we put light/moderate weight on the trap bar and she banged her sets out with confidence.  After we finished she said it felt light and easy, I told her that she could definitely handle more weight but today’s lift was focused on technique and understanding the lift.
We moved through the rest of our lift and she was moving up in weight gradually on each accessory movement and was keeping very solid with her form.  I told her how proud I was of her and how well she did. She told me how much she enjoyed it and how the gym didn’t seem so intimidating anymore.  Barbell Brigade was the perfect venue for her first lift, there were absolute tanks in there pulling 500+ and people just starting out while we were there.  She got to see the unique environment created by strength and how empowered it made her feel.


We both now plan on visiting Barbell Brigade many times together and I couldn’t be happier that she gets to experience the joy of strength training and understands why I am always so happy after a lift! She is now also going to get added on to my 24 membership and plans on lifting twice a week while continuing her barre classes/yoga 2-3 times a week.

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