Is It Worth It?


Before starting any new endeavor, one question lingers that we usually do not share with anyone. The question rattles around in our brain and we usually answer it without even directly thinking about it. The question of course is……is it worth it?

Is it worth it to sacrifice some of your off-work hours to work out? Is it worth it to change the diet you are used to in order to make a change in your health? Is it worth it to spend money on memberships, supplements, clothes, etc? Is it worth it to obsess over it?

Ask any elite powerlifter and they’ll most likely give you an answer along the lines “what the fuck kind of question is that?” Ask a Crossfitter and when they are done “bro-ing” you to death you’ll realize the answer is a definite yes. Ask any weekend warrior and the answer all of sudden becomes murky. A mix of confident yeses with avoidance of the topic entirely.

So how can we determine if we think something is worth it? The first thing that should be looked at is our actions. Anyone can say they want to make a lifestyle change, but thats the easy part. That is the step everyone knows how to take. But then we take a closer look at their actions and begin to see something completely different unfold. The same person who told us they were ready and dedicated is now missing workouts, sneaking fast food into their diet and not getting nearly enough sleep.

In a perfect world, we would have all been educated on what is really important in life. OUR HEALTH. Rather than only requiring one semester in high school to learn about “health” from outdated textbooks, it would have been a yearly course emphasizing the importance of exercising, eating health and getting plenty of sleep. I think the reason this class is only a semester is because we all already know the answers. We all know we need to get 8 hours of sleep per night, drink lots of water, eat veggies and limit our alcohol intake. The problem is we choose not to do it.

The question still remains….Is it worth it? Is our health worth giving a damn about? I think the answer is a firm yes. Time is the only thing in life we can not get back. Why waste it because we are unhealthy and lack the energy to do anything or even worse, run out of time because of simple lifestyle decisions that compounded over the years.

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