Beer and Lifting- Not as bad as you think!

So you’re thinking on going out for drinks with friends after training?  Well think a little longer on that decision before things start to get out of hand.  I’m not saying don’t ever go out and get a drink, what I’m saying is don’t have 10.  Not only will you feel like crap the next day so will your training and any recovery you had going for you.  Not only will it cause you to feel like crap but more than likely it’ll cause you to have a bad nights sleep even if you do drink until you “pass out”.  That combined with dehydration is just asking for lower levels of performance.  Now if you don’t care about how you perform day to day, then I’m a little surprised you’re reading this blog, now for those of us who do let’s go back to going out with friends.

Research shows that having more than 2 beers may start to decrease the rate of protein synthesis, which is where the sweet sweet gains lie, and we want to be about those sweet gains.  So although you may want to get hammered after a great workout, you may want to think about the gains.  Beer is also known to produce estrogen in men, which reduces testosterone which in turn reduces fat loss.  Constant beer drinking can also lead to beer belly and man boobs which are not attractive I think we can all agree.

Now I’m definitely not about going out and having a good time, in fact, I’m having a beer right now as I write this.  I’ve also been out plenty of times and got wasted, but as I look back on those nights I can’t even remember all I can do is wonder how much different I would look and feel right now if I stayed under that 2 drink limit.

Everything in moderation.  I think that as long as you can control yourself and keep everything that’s “bad” for you to a minimum, it wont have long term effects, unless you do it every single day.  I’m not a doctor but I don’t think a few drinks a week is going to set you back too much.  So live a little and enjoy responsibly.

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