Act With Intent

You have started, you have taken action but nothing is happening. What gives?  There is usually a really big reason for this.  You are taking action that lacks direction. In other words, you are just taking action to say that you took action.  This is a major issue for a lot of people including myself.  You plan, you set your goal and then you take action.  Weeks, months or years pass and you have little to show from where you started.


Your action must have clear intent and to take it a step further your action must have a measurable outcome.  You are only hurting yourself by taking useless action.  If you are holding yourself accountable by having measurable outcomes and being honest about these outcomes then you are slowly setting yourself up for success. An example for the gym would be someone coming in and wanting to bench press 315lbs.  You can’t just go in and max bench press every single day until you hit 315 that wouldn’t be smart and you would just be taking action just to say you did, to validate your “grind”.  A better solution would be to find a program or coach to help you reach this goal, that way your action would have clear intent and set you up for the best outcome.


Many people will tell you “Work smarter, not harder” this is the embodiment of what I am trying to convey.  I am not discounting hard work in the least bit, in fact if you have a goal and you reach it without hard work then it was probably a pretty bullshit goal to begin with. Be honest with yourself (yes this is hard), evaluate what you are doing and why you are doing. Finally for the love of all gainz I will say it one last time, take action that will make you slightly better/smarter daily!

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