You suck! So What?

You suck and you are weak! So what?  Not everyone will be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ed Coan.  But what you CAN do is be the best version of yourself possible.  There will always be someone bigger, someone stronger or someone better.  But none of this matters if you are focused on development of self.  Yes you may be weak or suck compared to the best in the world or even your friends, but it does not matter.

The best thing about sucking at something or being weak is that it is not permanent.  You can improve, you can bust your ass and get better and bigger and stronger.  It’s ok to not be world class, very few people are.  But if you can make improvements and get better relative to where you started then you will be healthier and happier in the long run, I guarantee it.  I am not saying to not strive to be world class or the biggest and best, what I am saying is give credit to your successes and don’t discount your strength.

In my opinion you will get a lot farther in the long run if you keep yourself focused on being positive and working your ass off to be better.  Stop the constant comparisons, focus on your success and watch yourself flourish.  It’s easy to look at someone else and see how great they are or how strong or how big they are, but what we fail to realize is they may have started right where we were.  The only difference may be that they decided to stop sucking and stop making excuses.  At some point in every single person in the world no matter if they are world class or the worst ever, has sucked.  So suck it up buttercup and stop making the excuses and focus on getting better!

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