What It Takes


Being a high school coach and teacher, I am surrounded by kids every day who appear apathetic, uninterested in school, in a fog or constantly distracted. It is very easy to point the finger at “this generation” and how much they suck. But regardless of how you feel about their potential or future, they tend to mirror us as well.

A teenager in high school constantly wishes they could be anywhere but where they currently are. It is up to teachers, coaches, parents and administrators to show and teach them the importance of an education and show them all of the doors it can open for them later in life.

Just like  Stanford marshmallow experiment, we need to teach our youth how to delay gratification for greater future gainz. Show them the importance and teach them actual lessons that will help them in the long run.

Being an adult however is a totally different deal. As you age, you do not have time to delay. Every day is an opportunity to accomplish something or take a step towards a goal. Too many times we get wrapped up in the goal setting and planning process that we never actually take steps.

The first step, the commitment and the maintenance are scary steps. We make excuses and delay are progress because we get scared to fail or scared to put ourselves out there.

We sit around and talk about our huge plans like traveling the world, building an empire, kicking ass at work, etc but all of this talk becomes meaningless smoke that amounts to nothing. Your friends and family think you are awesome because you talk a big game but you constantly answer their questions about your progress with  veiled comments full of excuses.

Make a commitment to yourself, stop taking the easy road. All of the “tomorrows” add up to months and years of little to no progress. Ya you may lose a little sleep, you may not be able to hang out, you may not be able to create your own schedule. So what?? What a waste of a life to do things just so you can sit around and do nothing for hours on end.

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