Mooovement: Key to body’s success


For many of us our daily lives pertain to us sitting around a desk, sitting around a kitchen table or sitting around the tv.  If you think about it most people probably sit for more than 8-9 hours a day.   This is the new prototypical modern human that no longer needs to hunt and gather.  Then in order to compensate we go hard in the gym for 1-2 hours.  The truth is this type of model doesn’t work as well as you would like to think, it just makes you better off than those that don’t move at all. 

For 1000’s of years humans have had to move in order to live and survive and that is what our bodies have been used to down to our very cells.  Research suggests that going hard in the gym a couple hours every few days wont reduce your risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease or cancer sitting sedentary for many hours of the day could produce.

Sitting around all day can also make our bones and joints weaker in the process and make us feel less energized as we go about our days.  Also by being sedentary and then going to the gym and violently thrashing our bodies around can be more prone to injury if we were not stretching and moving around continuously throughout the day.  Continuous blood flow is key and to achieve that, you must move around.  Start by walking more in your daily life, walk to the store, take your kids to the park or park further in the work parking lot.

A few tips to help you throughout your day:

Stand up– Stand up from your desk and stretch your arms, do some shoulder rolls or arm circles to get the blood flow moving in your upper body.  Do upper body twists (rotations) to loosen up your spine.

Squat– Sitting for long periods tightens up the back, hips and glutes.  In order to fix that get down and squat to open up the hips. 

Walk barefoot– Our feet have cushion around them in “support”.  This doesn’t help with strengthening and getting flexible.  We only have 2 feet we will walk on for life, its time to make sure they are taking care of. 

Get down on the floor  Sit down on the floor cross legged and open up those hips.  This allows you to sit differently as well having your body in a different position you are normally used to. 

The main take away from this article is to get you moving.  This will help out in so many areas of your life including injury prevention and reducing the chance of disease.  Get up and move and stretch every 30 mins to 1 hour and watch as you’re overall health improves. 

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