Fat Loss SUCKS!

Ok now that I have your attention, let me explain.  Fat loss is not easy, it is not fun, and it is definitely not something I am excited to be pursuing.  BUT, I need it.  After my surgery I became very sedentary and started falling off of my eating habits.  At my most active and strongest I was eating 4,000 calories daily and feeling great, so once I had my surgery I really had a hard time controlling myself.  I was depressed that I could not lift and that I was stuck sitting around all day everyday.  So what happened? Why did I finally say enough is enough and start my fat loss journey?

Well to begin with, I felt like absolute shit.  I was lethargic and feeling slow in the gym once I got back in.  This was partly due to strength loss and time off from my surgery but the additional fat I had packed on did not help one bit.  Looking at me it wouldn’t look like I put on much fat and the scale had me around the same weight and actually lighter than before my surgery. But the muscle loss I experienced from not lifting was the culprit of the lighter weight and it was replaced with love handles and jelly triceps.

Now that you can see what I mean and read my reasoning let me tell you again.  FAT LOSS SUCKS, but again I NEED IT! Right now I am slowly building strength again in the gym and feeling better and better each lift.  One thing I have noticed during this early portion of my fat loss journey is that mental toughness is the biggest key in the journey and that is both in the gym and out.  Operating on less calories is a grind but the end results are always worth it.  I am not on a calorie deficit that is extreme by any means, but working with less calories will always be a grind.  Learn to embrace these tough times and fight for what you want!  I will try to keep everyone updated on this journey and will post more results pictures(Sorry haha) when it is warranted!

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  1. I need it too bro! Let’s do it!

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