Weekend Update

Weekends are a great way to look at the week and see where you have made progress or may need some work.  My last post was on consistency and although I haven’t made as much time as I would have liked dedicated to this blog I have been fairly consistent in other parts.  At the moment I am in school and spend 4 hours a day in one math class and another 4-5 hours to try and complete the homework every day.  I of course make time for training which in a way has been my therapy away from the metal challenges 8 hours of math can produce.  I am however seeing the direct correlation between continuous mental stress and in the moment decision making.


Every week I cook the same lunch/dinner for every day on Sunday.  I do this because 1.  It is to help with my short term weight loss goal (from the weight I put on since the holidays.)  2.  It saves me butt loads of money not having to spend $10 extra per meal dining out.  3.  It is supposed to be another way for me to practice self control and discipline.  I’m sure a lot of us have the same type of goals.  What we may not have considered are those in the moment decisions we make to comfort ourselves instead of strive for that goal or we think about them after we have completed them because our minds have been tired of making decisions all day.

This brings it all back to looking at your week and how well you did.  Did you have the will power and fortitude to stay true to what’s most important to you?  I will admit this week outside of spending time eating out with friends (I ate out only twice) my diet was on point and so was my training (even though this week was a de-load week).  This was much better than the previous week.  That’s the goal, progress, not perfection.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, if you didn’t go ahead and leave a comment and share telling everyone else how bad it is.


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