Change Your Perspective, Change Your Gainz


If we had 100% complete control over our lives, it should be assumed that we would never make mistakes and all have the perfect lives we imagine. Unfortunately we do not have this kind of control and depending on who you are, this could be a good thing or a bad thing.

New Years resolutions fall into two different categories:

  1. Those who are trying to drop bad habits and make positive changes
  2. Those who are trying to elevate themselves to the next level

Although both categories are attempting to achieve the same goal in the end. They both take different approaches to accomplishing and more than likely have different odds of actually following through.

Why does this always happen to me?

People in this category are typically the ones who start a new year (day, month, week, etc) by saying something along the lines of “well it wasn’t my year (day, month, week, etc), hopefully this one is better.”

There is no doubt that we all fall on hard times at various points in our lives. But I still feel this approach takes the road of victimizing yourself and you begin to give up the little control you do have.

You may not have control over events or hardships that happen to you but you always have control over how you react and get back on your feet.

Lets get after it this year

People in this category are typically the ones who start a new year (day, month, week, etc) by saying something along the lines of “time to turn the page, what are the next steps I can take to get myself to the next level”

This mindset has done two things: first they have acknowledged that everything in the past has already happened just like the victim mindset. The difference lies in the second part of this mindset, “what are the next steps”

This person has taken control over how they are reacting. They are reacting with purpose and with action. This is the main difference between successful and unsuccessful people, purpose and action.

Since it is still January and resolutions are fresh on the mind, some of you may be taking the necessary steps and some may have given up already.

The first step is to acknowledge and write down your weaknesses and mistakes you made over the previous year (day, week, month, etc). Take a good look at this list, figure out why you made the mistakes and develop a plan to combat those weaknesses.

We should always be evolving as individuals. We should always be looking for ways to add strength to our lives rather than finding ways to become a bigger victim.

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