Finding Your Groove

Already a handful of days deep into the New Year, people have already started posting joke memes about how this year is already screwed up so they’ll make 2018 their year.

I noticed at some point over the past year or two that social media has made being dumb, weak and ignorant somehow cool. Maybe you could call it anti-social media since all social media typically shows off how good someones life is and this is a way to appear imperfect?

This post may come off as the grumpy old man sitting on his porch yelling at the birds but this old man is also a teacher and youth coach. Being in this position I have seen more and more kids give up when things get hard or just simply shrug off mistakes as if they are no big deal.

While I understand we should not dwell on our mistakes, we are now just straight up completely ignoring them and being ok with them because now we see everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are cool.


Even though we all make mistakes and there is not a single human being on this planet who is near perfect. We need to raise our standards and not accept mediocrity.

You’re ability to focus and you’re ability to do what needs to be done has a direct affect on the quality of your life.

Rather than just accepting mistakes and moving on as if nothing happened. We need to learn from our mistakes. Why did I do what I just did? Was I lazy? Was I overanxious? Do I not care about this?

Whatever the reasoning is we must figure out why it happened before we attempt to change the behavior.

We must also be unafraid to confront and compete with ourselves. Another trend that many people have pointed out about today’s society is that we do not like to compete face to face with others. We are afraid to get into situations where the odds may not be in our favor.

I have noticed this has started to creep beyond just competing against others. I think we are now afraid to compete with ourselves. We have a “shadow” version of ourselves that wants us to take the easy road and it is much easier to listen to him than it is to compete.


Maybe a better New Years resolution is to find opportunities to compete with yourself on a daily basis. Take some time to list the areas in your life where you struggle and attempt to figure out why you struggle in those areas.

You can use this information to create a plan of attack. Utilize the simplest effort possible and slowly build momentum. Remember this is a daily battle that will span the entire year.

A quick example: you find yourself eating out 5 lunches per week at work and cant develop the discipline to meal prep on Sundays. You need to build your discipline ability.

A daily goal could be to just make your bed every day. Floss your teeth every day. Or just make something up. You could flip your kitchen light switch on and off 3 times before you begin making breakfast. Anything will work, you just need to build your discipline capacity.

So here’s to a new year and hopefully the beginning of a new you. Remember it is a long journey, stay the course the best you can and have some self-awareness.

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