Iron Wars-11/20-12/30

It has been quite awhile since I have updated the Iron Wars series. Now that we have moved from the story to just a personal update series I have decided to take some time between updating these so they don’t get out of hand.

Over the past month and 10 days I have made a lot more progress than even I expected.  I have moved back to deadlifting and bench pressing but have been cautioned by my orthopedic surgeon to wait longer before going back to regular squats.  I have been doing goblet squats, using the hack squat machine, and also doing landmine squats to compensate for this.

As far as benching and deadlifting I am keeping it pretty simple and sticking with a 5×5 structure to allow for strength to be rebuilt but not push things too quickly too soon.  Deadlifts I have worked back up to 295×5 and today hit 135×5 on bench.  Things are coming along slowly but it feels great to be back and actually lifting somewhat normal again.

In regards to my last blog When Life Speeds Up…, things have slowed down slightly but again I want to urge you guys to act today and do something immediately that you feel will make you better in the future.  Don’t overthink, take action.  You never know what is going to happen but you can lay some groundwork today and have a better idea if you continuously take action along with taking calculated risks.

If you enjoyed this give it a like and a share, hell even if you didn’t like it share it and tell everyone what a jackass you think I am!

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