Standards of Consistency

So today I’m choosing to write about consistency.  When I am deciding about what I want to write about it’s usually about what I want more in my life or something I have been thinking about.  Lately it’s about my lack of consistency, in my diet and in keeping up with the blog specifically.  I won’t make excuses, because regardless of what was going on in my personal life it doesn’t take much to write a blog post or to make the right choices about what I eat when I go out with friends for example.

I said I was going to dedicate myself to 6 weeks to challenge myself, but I let myself go too much.  When I stop and realize what I have been doing I am disappointed, and I can chalk it up to “it’s human nature.”  Well it might be human nature to choose instant gratification especially when it’s food but that wasn’t the point of the experiment. From here I won’t choose to keep being disappointed or upset, I will look at it as a learning experience.  And that is exactly what I think you should do too.  Learn from your mistakes and be better.  If you want real results in ANY field you need to be consistent, consistent and raise your standards.  Even though I may not be a huge believer in the ra-ra motivation of people like Tony Robbins, the messages that he brings are elements of success.  A quote from him that comes to mind is “If you want to change your life, raise your standards.”  This is very true in any avenue of success you wish to have, in your life, health or otherwise.

I think before I start my next endeavor or experiment I will think about this quote.  I will spend time to think about the why and to set the standards to hold myself to.  You might think it might be contradictory to say if you want something in the moment go for it, but that’s something you will need to think about in your own standards.  I’m not here to tell you that you should restrain yourself from things that you like, but do it in moderation to the standards that you set.  For example if you say it’s ok to have In-n-out once a week, I don’t a good example is to have 2 double doubles, 2 fries, and a shake. 

Time to set some standards, then go to work and don’t think about it for days on end, because those days will turn to weeks and months.  I’ll set my standards and you set yours.  Get to work, don’t wait.  Be consistent and raise your standards. 

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