What Kind of Lifter are You?

In the field of philosophy there are two different schools of thought: romantic and classical thinking. Both views see the same objects and situations in life but have completely perspectives on what it actually is. I think understanding how each viewpoint works and trying to figure out what kind of view you typically have can go a long way in finding a workout program that fits your personality.


Classical thinking primarily consists of laws and reason. Classical thinkers like hard facts and science.


Romantic thinking is primarily concerned with feelings and intuition. Romantic thinkers like creativity and spontaneity.


Both of these viewpoints cause many conflicts of thoughts not only in the world of fitness but in life itself.

CLASSICAL LIFTERS: enjoy programs like 5/3/1 because it gives them raw numbers and they know exact percentages each workout. Classical lifters view missing a day as the end of the world, must start workouts on Mondays or 1st of the months. If a classical lifters program says lift for x amount of days, you can bet they will only lift x amount of days.

ROMANTIC LIFTERS: enjoy programs with a lot of variety and not a lot of tracking. Missing a day is not a big deal and a romantic lifter does not need to start on Mondays or at the beginning of months. A romantic lifter will look at a program that tells them to only lift x amount of days and wonder more about the off days.


After determining which mindset applies most appropriately to yourself it should actually be pretty easy to determine what you should do.

If you feel like you are more of a classical thinker, make sure you stick with programs that are rigid, have concrete ways to track progress and do not throw a lot of curveballs at you

If you feel like you are more of a romantic thinker, make sure your program has a lot of variety and flexibility.

Contrary to popular belief, neither of these mindsets are better than the other. The majority of fitness related information will pit the two mindsets against each other and attempt to paint one in an inferior image.

You may find yourself alternating between the viewpoints. Ideally you would take inventory of your thoughts towards other areas of life. Do you like knowing exactly why something works? Classical…Do you care more about the experience? Romantic

Remember that the goal of fitness and lifting is to challenge yourself and improve your life. If both of these standards are being met then who cares what your style is.

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