Flexing Your Mental Muscle


The war of mind vs self has been raging since the dawn of time. Everyday each of us fights a battle against laziness, against mediocrity, against (insert any undesirable characteristic).

There is a reason why bookstores are stocked with books and how to develop a positive mindset, mental toughness or reduce stress….


But what do all of these books really offer us?

Can reading words really inspire the common man to achieve more?

Does breathing a few times in the morning really make all my stress disappear?

It is my personal belief that the best stress reliever and toughness builder is simple…HARD WORK.

Instead of trying to relieve stress in your life, attack it. Build your tolerance for stress.

This is where my passion for lifting heavy weights stems from. Breathing, reading, meditating all have had positive effects in my life but nothing compared to the tolerance built by challenging myself with a barbell.

We as a society have simply become bored. We have so many amenities that make our lives easier and have no need to seek out adventure or the boundaries of our minds.

As the Seals say, EMBRACE THE SUCK

Thrash yourself more often in the gym, make yourself puke, dedicate yourself to increasing your maxes. Not only will you see gains in the gym, you’ll start seeing the important gains in life and find your resiliency shoot through the roof.

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