Monthly Archives: December 2016

Iron Wars-11/20-12/30

It has been quite awhile since I have updated the Iron Wars series. Now that we have moved from the story to just a personal update series I have decided to take some time between updating these so they don’t get out of hand. Over the past month and 10 days I have made a […]

Teaching Strength

One of the quickest way to not be taken seriously is to make excuses. In an age of self-love and acceptance of one’s flaws, we have become scared to take a stand and pursue things. We have placed imaginary cages around ourselves. We have hopes, dreams, wishes but are too scared to go after them. […]

Find What You Love

In 2013 I hit PR’s in the big 3 lifts, I squatted 405, benched 235 and deadlifted 450 all at a bodyweight of 185ish. Fast forward to 2016 and I currently weigh 185ish, squat under 405, deadlift around 450 and bench under 235. Sounds odd that over the course of 3 years I literally didn’t […]

Standards of Consistency

So today I’m choosing to write about consistency.  When I am deciding about what I want to write about it’s usually about what I want more in my life or something I have been thinking about.  Lately it’s about my lack of consistency, in my diet and in keeping up with the blog specifically.  I […]

When Life Speeds Up…

Life has a tendency to speed up on us every now and then. Whether it is work responsibilities, family responsibilities, or you just have a ton going on in all aspects of life.  When this happens most people tend to spiral a little bit and look up months later only to realize things haven’t been […]

Taking Ownership

One of the biggest lessons Ive learned over the past couple of years is the idea of taking ownership of events and circumstances in life. I do not think it is any coincidence that people who continually bitch, complain and feel sorry for themselves also continually have “bad luck” LUCK IS AN ILLUSION CREATED BY […]

What Kind of Lifter are You?

In the field of philosophy there are two different schools of thought: romantic and classical thinking. Both views see the same objects and situations in life but have completely perspectives on what it actually is. I think understanding how each viewpoint works and trying to figure out what kind of view you typically have can […]

Flexing Your Mental Muscle

The war of mind vs self has been raging since the dawn of time. Everyday each of us fights a battle against laziness, against mediocrity, against (insert any undesirable characteristic). There is a reason why bookstores are stocked with books and how to develop a positive mindset, mental toughness or reduce stress…. THEY CLAIM TO […]

Ending Workout Confusion

Working out at the gym does not have to be rocket science. Rather than constantly chasing the latest craze or shiniest object, sticking with a simple easy to follow template will keep you in the gym more often and give you faster results. The following template can be used with almost any population, is fully […]

Three Laws of Exercise

Retired Navy Seal Jocko Willink says it best: “DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM” Now obviously we are not going over seas and going to war or anything remotely close to it. But we do have daily battles within our minds and inner demons that we have to constantly fight off in order to achieve any sort of […]