Iron Wars-11/14-11/20

If you haven’t read Iron Wars IV- The Lifter Strikes Back yet, the Iron Wars series will now consist of a log of my week and how I feel as I slowly work back towards full blown lifting. My surgery and post surgery process has been so slow and frustrating  but I am happy with the improvements I have made so far.   I finished up with my physical therapy and was let loose again back into the wild ( aka the gym).

This week I focused on continuing to regain range of motion and build strength in my shoulder and also on reintroducing some exercises.  I am extremely hesitant right now due to the fact that I personally know a good amount of people who have had their shoulders repaired only to injure themselves again shortly after getting back to normal.  Everything went well this week although I was quite sore from being out of the gym for so long.


Below is a general log of the things I did this week (If there is interest I will go into greater detail in future logs):

Upper Body
Rehab stretches and mobility work
Cable row
1-arm cable row
Seated 1-arm cable row
Half kneeling 1-arm lat pulldown
Very light alternating dumbbell curls
Pushups(worked up to 3×12 at the end of the week!)

Lower Body

Kettlebell goblet squat (with pause)
Dumbbell RDL (SLOW)
Kettlebell goblet reverse lunge
Kettlebell goblet forward lunge

All of these exercises were done very very light in comparison to my strength prior to surgery.  But as I said before I am happy with the improvements I have made and I know eventually I will be back at my old strength and will go above and beyond as well!

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