Busting Through Your Plateau

As stated in previous articles, I think the best way to get yourself started on a workout is to have it prewritten for you in order to eliminate the most confusing part of the process. But what do you do after you’ve completed that program? Maybe you’ve run through it a few times and feel your motivation slipping. This article will offer two easy to implement tips to improve your experience and hopefully your results.

#1 Utilize strongman type movements as your main movement.


Want to feel like you could lift a house? Want to feel thicker than that house? Strongman movements are exactly what you’re looking for.

Typically movements such as farmer walks, yoke walks, sled pulls and pushes are saved for the end of your workouts as conditioning tools. Try putting these at the beginning, just pick up the heaviest weight you can and walk with it. Over the course of a couple weeks you’ll see some pretty big changes in body composition and overall strength.

Exercises to include: Farmer walk, sled rope pulls, sleds walks, sled push, rack deadlift pulls

#2 Utilize more single leg movements


*yes I realize he is catching clean, but look at the lunge!

This one took me a while to come to terms with. Social media bombards us with heavy squats and why you’re a coward if you aren’t squatting heavy. The problem is most of use aren’t competitors and heavy squats, 95% and above, carry a much higher risk/reward component.

Not only are single leg movements going to reduce stress on your body and help clear up imbalances, they are also very challenging and fun. After your body is taxed from heavy farmer walks, the last thing it wants to do is attempt to balance you during reverse lunges.

Exercises to include: any lunge variation (forward, reverse, lateral, front squat grip, zercher grip, etc), any deadlift variation (Single leg RDL, staggered stance deadlift, etc), pistol squats, Bulgarian split squats

Hopefully these tips help take your workouts to the next level or at the very least improve your motivation to train.

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