Routine Stagnation

It’s Monday. What day is that at the gym? I’ll give you a few seconds to think….ok time’s up! What day is Monday in most gyms around the world? It is international chest/tris day. Then Tuesday is back and bi’s,  Thursday is shoulders and Friday is Legs. It is a typical bro split, but it happens with the powerlifts as well. Monday is Deadlift, Tuesday Bench, Thursday Squat, Friday OHP/Accessories.  It happens in all forms of weight slanging and even in ur everyday life.  Now I am not here to say that routine is bad. Routine is what keeps us going and organized moving towards our goals. Sometimes though that routine, if not deviated from, can cause stagnation and delays in our most coveted gains.


Day in and day out we are tied to routine. Without it most of us would be spinning in circles with no idea what to do.  But as I alluded to in the intro, sometimes that routine can be what is causing us to spin our wheels and not make progress.  I have done it to myself before and I am sure you have too.  We get so focused on sticking to routine that when an opportunity arises to make ourselves even better we turn it down and eventually end up stuck.  A good example of this is when one of my gym friends, Frank, told me to come over sometime and flip some tires with him I said that for now I was good.  Now these tire flips could have definitely helped break up the routine I was in and could have possibly helped me add some more volume in my workouts.  I was stuck in my routine and not doing much of any cardio at all.  I look back now and realize I could have definitely added tire flip with Frank and would have most likely been able to keep off some of the fat from the 4,000 calories I was consuming.  Plus Frank is freaking jacked, what was I thinking?(Picture below)
Think about it, how many times have you refused to deviate from routine and then looked back and realized you missed an opportunity to get better?  This isn’t a call to action to try and get you to take on more than you can handle or run yourself into the ground. You shouldn’t get so tied to routine that you miss opportunities to be better.  Stay focused on the here and now not the 10 weeks down the road in your routine.  Living in the moment and breaking routine every so often will more times than not lead you to an opportunity to be better than you were the day before.  In the end that’s all that we can do, be better than we were the previous day.  I challenge you, the next time you feel stuck in the day to day “grind”, step outside of your comfort zone and try something else for a day.

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