How to be Present

Out with friends, grabbing dinner to celebrate a friends birthday, you sit there trying to have a good time and interact with everyone else but you’re uncomfortable and you just don’t know why.  Is it because of the people?   Is it because of a missed a workout to come to this dinner?  Is it because of a random text from someone totally unexpected?  We all have so many thoughts and emotions running around inside of our brains and heart, but what we might not realize is these thoughts are keeping us from being completely present in this moment right here right now.  By allowing these thoughts to have an audience with your present thoughts you can’t fully experience the moment you are in, which should be celebrating your friends birthday and creating deep memories that can be cherished for life.  So put down your phone and experience the present after you finish this post of course.  

Once our “busy” lives start our mentality changes, there’s never enough time to accomplish our daily tasks.  We think that by being busy we are accomplishing our goals when we may merely be shuffling around responsibilities in an unconscious stumble into procrastination.   Some of us become busy but don’t even really know why or stop to question why we make ourselves so busy.  Why do we do the things we do?  Why am I writing this blog post?  Growing up we are told to finish school, get a job, marry, have kids and get old.  So what happens?  We grow up dying to finish school then we are dying to start our careers dying to get that promotion or even dying to get that body we always wanted.  We work towards graduation, then we work towards the job, then after we get the job we work towards that next promotion.  Pretty soon we are just dying and we forgot to live.  Then we are dying to go back in time as we think about our regrets.  I wish I had spent those extra 5 hours a week studying with my friends and family instead.  I wish I had quit my job and taken that 6 month long vacation or at least found a way to work remotely.  We get caught up in our busy lives always thinking about the future, don’t get me wrong we must think about our futures but when that is all that is thought about, when do you actually live in the moment?  When do you truly experience what life has to offer?  When do you fill up your soul?  It’s time to slow down, get in touch with what really matters to you and make sure you do it on a daily basis. 

Something I would recommend is meditation, everywhere I’ve read on self improvement, meditation is usually on the list of daily practices.  I’ve started to use it recently, just the practice of being present within myself helps me be more present in my everyday life.  This includes my workouts, enjoying time with friends and family or even eating food.  Sitting and being still may be hard for some people and that’s ok, there are many types of meditation.

When you become more aware of when thoughts are going through your head you can become more present by not letting those thoughts take over your attention.  By being more present you have a better chance of living your life fully and not looking back on regrets near the end.  And who wants to look back on regret?  

-Iron Mike

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