Blackhole Gainz

Just like trying to find your next show to binge watch on Netflix, figuring out what to focus on during your workouts can send you into a black hole that you emerge from an hour later without any actual decisions.

With so many options out there ranging from which gym membership to buy all the way to what kind of underwear you should wear once you actually pick a gym, how can we be expected to stay consistent?

Overwhelmed and frustrated with this same conundrum for years, I’ll share the tip that originally broke me out of the cycle and started me down the path I am on today.

During my baseball career, I never took the time to truly appreciate how much of a benefit having a schedule was. With a mix of class, practice and weights, my days were basically laid out for me and I could easily plug in pieces to fill the gaps. Once that career ended however, I ended up in the dreaded black hole.



 As simple as it looks on paper, getting out of the blackhole is not an easy task. With so much crap promising quick and easy results, it gets extremely tempting to jump around.

The step that helped me was finding a reliable program that lasted longer than the typical “6-Weeks to Shredded” type articles you find all over the place today. As mentioned in Matt’s article, I asked around and came across Eric Cressey. The magnitude to which his work has influenced my training could take up an entire article on its own. I purchased his “Show and Go” program and got to work for the next 16 weeks.

16 Weeks seemed like a daunting amount of time to stick with the same program but I made a commitment to it and besides the great results I got from following the program, I developed a habit of consistency that has lasted for the past 5 years.

My #1 suggestion would be to find a quality program (yes you will need to spend some money) and stick with it for its duration. If you can do this for one program you’ll figure out what works for you, what doesn’t and most importantly you’ll build the habit of consistency, which is key for getting out of the blackhole.

The reason I believe we get stuck into a blackhole is simply ignorance. The majority of us do not really know what we are doing so we either fall for the easiest option or jump around when we realize what we are doing doesn’t work. Paying for a program turns it into an investment and nobody likes to lose when they invest.

Some of the most efficient programs that I have used in the past include:

Show and Go by Eric Cressey

2×4 by Bret Contreras

5/3/1 by Jim Wendler

Anyone of those three offer options for how many days per week you are able to make it to the gym and are full of exercises that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

I highly recommend you outsource your fitness to someone else. Buying a program from a reputable coach is a great (and cheaper) option but if you know a quality trainer, by all means hire them. You do not need to become an expert in health and fitness; you just need to know where to go to get the results you desire.

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