Iron Wars III- Revenge Of The Surgeon

A long time ago on a day far, far….Wait no, this wasn’t that long ago. I went in for surgery September 12th, 2016!  We have gone through part II, Attack Of The Legs, and now it is time to dive into the surgery itself. I want to start out by saying that this process has been one of the slowest and most frustrating things I have ever gone through.  Throughout all my years of sports, lifting, and just living I have never had any injuries that have kept me on the shelf this long (thankfully).

So here we go! September 12th, 2016 the day I went under the knife for the very first time. The day starts and my parents pick me up because I would be unable to drive post surgery. Everything went smooth for about 5 minutes.  As my mom was heading towards the freeway her tire blows out.  I get out of the car and immediately begin to jack the car up and remove the tire, I went to put the spare on and the bolts refused to tighten back on.  At this point I am sweating, dirty and pissed off.  We call AAA.


AAA pulls up and apparently the area where the bolts attach is completely stripped.  He was surprised I was even able to get the original tire off.  Clearly he doesn’t understand the Mighty Barbell gains.  Long story short I end up getting a ride back to my apartment and get my car and drive myself to the hospital. My parents later got a ride from Moc so they could take me home post surgery.  Now fast forward about an hour or two,  I am now in the waiting/recovery room and the nurse walks in.

She brings in a whole slew of items, which included some compression socks that go all the way up to my crotch.  She then instructs me to take all of my clothes off and clean myself with the weird/warm disinfecting wipes.  After I awkwardly wipe my body down I put on the borderline compression panty house, the fashion forward non slip socks and tie my picturesque gown up.  Then the part I am dreading most begins, she starts to get the IV ready.  I was actually more worried about the IV than the actual surgery.  Yes I know, it doesn’t make sense.  Eventually the IV was put in and I was being rolled into the Pre-op room.

My doctor enters the Pre-op room and goes over what he will be doing and signs my left arm to make sure they operate on the correct limb.  After this I get rolled into the frigid operating room.  Before I know it I have a mask over my face and that is the last I remember, I was knocked out within seconds.  All of a sudden in what seems like 10 seconds I am groggy and slowly waking up in the recovery room.  Let me tell you anesthesia is no joke.  I spent the next 30-45 minutes in the recovery room not knowing what the heck was going on.  I have no clue how long I was even in there before I began to wake up.


Finally I get moved to the waiting/recovery room where I was previously awkwardly wiping myself down.  My parents are there and I spend the next 2-3 hours there completely out of it and getting pumped full of drugs for pain.  Over this time my mom tells me that my doctor came out and went over the surgery with them, apparently it was much worse than he expected.  My surgery that was supposed to take 45 minutes-1 hour ended up taking 2 1/2 hours and my recovery would be much longer than expected.  Also he apparently grilled my parents to make sure I wasn’t on anything other than over the counter supplements.  Now I don’t consider myself to be that big, but I guess since he hadn’t seen me since high school I was much bigger than he remembered and thought I may be taking something. My parents assured him this wasn’t the case and it gave me a pretty good laugh once I came to.


It was eventually time to leave and my parents drove me back to their house where I got to eat again for the first time in like 16 hours.  I was groggy and pretty out of it for the rest of the night and in way more pain than I expected. I could not move my left arm at all.  2 days after my surgery I was scheduled to fly to New York for a wedding.  In part 4 I will detail flying with a useless, painful, post surgery shoulder and then start to go into my recovery and rehab process.
Stay Tuned!

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