Brush Yourself Off and Try Again

We all might have goals we want to get to and that’s great I think that having goals is a start but where a lot of people start to let it slip  is when they first start out and they miss a workout.  Or they might mess up their super strict diet.  Some people would just give up on  say they will start on Monday and it’s on Wednesday.  Some people will beat themselves up for the entire day and completely give up on what they should be looking at.  And that is that all people fall and make mistakes, it’s what you do after you fall that really matters.  The greatest people we think of in history have fallen, but what we remember most of them for is what they did after they got back up.  Now I don’t think that by falling down and getting back up you will all of a sudden be famous but what you can really look at is how strong  you are becoming.  By standing back up and learning from your mistakes starting fresh you are becoming better as long as you can learn from it.  Sometimes even the best of us fall, if at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off, and try again.

I’m huge into business and looking at Entrepreneurs and at their stories to see how they got where they are today.  Almost every single story I can think of, they kept falling and trying and falling and trying, sometimes 5,6,7 times before they were finally successful in what they became known for.   This is a lesson you should take to heart, that the successful people out there are hardworking and have perseverance, they didn’t just take a magic pill, they worked hard for what they have.

I myself “fall” sometimes on my “diet” plan, sometimes it’s planned, sometimes it’s not.  However I know that in the long run I will not be perfect and neither are you.  None of us are perfect and I think we can all agree on that.  So even though we may expect more from ourselves, we can’t expect we will always be perfect either.  I hold myself to a pretty high standard, but I’ve also learned that sometimes I just want to enjoy what life has to offer.  I may have secret ambitions to look like those physique models on Instagram but my values don’t necessarily match with their lifestyle.  And I am ok with that.   The best we can do is strive to be better than what we were day in and day out. 

When we fall off the plan, which almost all of us will do at some point, don’t spend the next few days hating yourself because of a screw up when there is more work to be done.  Brush yourself off say “Ok I may have made this mistake, let’s learn from it and be better next time”.  If you take this kind of mindset you will be so much better off in reaching your goals then the one who loses all hope, falls even lower and then starts over on Monday, now 2 additional steps behind the point you were.  Don’t start over on Monday, start over immediately and do your best not to make the same mistake twice. 

-Iron Mike

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