Brains For Brawn

Welcome to Brains For Brawn, below are some great articles I have read recently from around the fitness community.  Give that brain of yours a few reps with these links below!

3 Things Every Coach Should Learn From Crossfit
This one comes from Joel Jamieson over at 8 Weeks Out and he goes over some great things that coaches should take from Crossfit.  Crossfit is a very polarizing subject and I think this article is spot on!

Conditioning Done Right
Our next article comes from George Kalantzis over at SgtKFitness, he dives in and shows you how to get conditioning right.  Most people will just hop on a treadmill or out on the road until they feel like death.  George gets down to the nitty gritty of it and shows us what we should be doing!

3 Workout Methods To Strengthen And Define Your Arms Shoulders And Glutes
Ryan Wood comes with the fire in this one and gives you some programming ideas to get your arms and glutes popping!

Training The Overhead Athlete
Badass extraordinaire Tony Gentilcore has bestowed upon us some immense knowledge in how to train the overhead athlete.  He goes over a TON of exercises(Videos included) and presents us with his latest product The Complete Shoulder And Hip BluePrint.

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