Monthly Archives: November 2016

When To Begin

Figuring out your goals and how to accomplish them seem like the hardest part of any solid workout program. So much time and effort is put into the process and you’re probably feeling pretty good about all of the work you just did. But when should you start your new program or when is the optimal […]

Elevated Variety

Just like in the world of personal training, being a strength coach requires you to make adjustments for the individual’s unique needs. The easy route is to create a cookie cutter program and just throw it at your athletes. You’ll still get the results you are looking for but did you really maximize each athletes […]

Weekend Update: Health Edition

  I started a new experiment a few weeks ago and just wanted to give you an update on how it was going.  First off my main purpose for starting this experiment was to try and reduce body fat and lower overall heart heart.  Before this experiment I checked my blood pressure and I was […]

Iron Wars-11/14-11/20

If you haven’t read Iron Wars IV- The Lifter Strikes Back yet, the Iron Wars series will now consist of a log of my week and how I feel as I slowly work back towards full blown lifting. My surgery and post surgery process has been so slow and frustrating  but I am happy with the improvements […]

Iron Wars IV- The Lifter Strikes Back

A few days ago, in a physical therapy office not far away.  The day is November 14th, 2016 and I graduated from physical therapy and got thrust back into the war of iron all on my own.  Now what did I do to get to this point and what did my post surgery journey look […]

Busting Through Your Plateau

As stated in previous articles, I think the best way to get yourself started on a workout is to have it prewritten for you in order to eliminate the most confusing part of the process. But what do you do after you’ve completed that program? Maybe you’ve run through it a few times and feel […]

Want vs Intent

We all have various wishes and desires. We are constantly told to set big goals so even if you fail you still end up with some kind of success. We watch video after video, browse Instagram for hours on end and read motivational quotes. We have become a nation obsessed with motivation.  Just like a […]

How to be Present

Pick up your phone and read this post on how you should put your phone down and experience your life better.

Blackhole Gainz

Just like trying to find your next show to binge watch on Netflix, figuring out what to focus on during your workouts can send you into a black hole that you emerge from an hour later without any actual decisions. With so many options out there ranging from which gym membership to buy all the […]

Routine Stagnation

It’s Monday. What day is that at the gym? I’ll give you a few seconds to think….ok time’s up! What day is Monday in most gyms around the world? It is international chest/tris day. Then Tuesday is back and bi’s,  Thursday is shoulders and Friday is Legs. It is a typical bro split, but it happens […]