Iron Wars II- Attack Of The Legs

Our story continues a long time ago on a day not as far away. In Part 1 of the Iron Wars series we covered my fall from grace (aka my injury, not being able to lift how I would like and learning I would need surgery). Phantom Labrum was the beginning of our tale and in this second installment, Attack Of The Legs; you will be dazzled and taken on a journey into the sadist inside of our main character. ME!

I am now angry beyond belief, mainly because I neglected the fact that I was injured for so long and also because of the drastic changes that would soon be coming my way. After working so hard and getting some much needed strength and size, I was finally beginning to feel really good and like I was onto something. After the initial anger and frustration passed I told myself that I was absolutely going to dominate my lower body for the 3-4 weeks I had prior to my surgery. I decided to employ some methods I had not before and looking back I am very glad I did.

I decided to lift twice weekly and during this period and I would base my main lift of the day around timed intervals. My two main lifts were Barbell Hip Bridge and Machine Hack Squat. Below is exactly how I programmed my lifts:

Day 1
Barbell Hip Bridge
Time- 30 Minutes
Reps- 1 rep every minute with 3 second Iso Hold

Exercises- Leg Extension, Calf Raise
Sets/Reps- 3×12


Day 2
Machine Hack Squat
Time- 30 Minutes

Reps- 3 reps every minute
Load- 3-4 plates a side

Exercises- Lying Leg Curl, Calf Raise
Sets/Reps- 3×12


It looks very simple but I dare you to go load these exercises heavy and do them for 30 minutes, you will feel it. I did this program for 2 weeks and then for the final 2 weeks I switched the rep scheme between the Hip Bridge and Machine Hack Squat (Ex. Hack squat went to 1 rep with 3 sec Iso hold for 30 minutes). The pump and strength I felt from this was awesome. By the time I was going into surgery I had definitely added some size to my legs and even though I hadn’t lifted upper body for 4 weeks I felt solid still.

Keep a lookout for part 3 of the series where we will dive into the surgery itself and the days following!

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