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Creating A High School Strength Program – Pt. 1

High school athletics are becoming more and more specialized by the day. Kids are looking for individual training outside of school in order to get an edge. They are playing more travel ball and loading their schedules with games. In order to combat this and set your high school program apart, you need to provide […]

The Problem Isn’t Starting It’s Staying Disciplined

How many times have you started on any journey, for most of us it tends to be a weight loss, and 2-3 weeks later you start slipping?   You start off great. You’ve been staying exactly on the weight loss plan and your workout plan.  The motivation that you started out with was great. But […]

3 Tips To Improve Your Weightroom Culture

Being a high school teacher or coach carries one of the biggest responsibilities to the future of society. We are in positions to develop and mold the minds of future husbands, wives, teachers, politicians and everything in-between. With that being said, it is imperative that a high school strength coach looks beyond just making their […]

Patience Through Iron

If you know me or if you ever meet anyone that knows me, I will tell you and they will tell you, patience is one of the number one things I lack. Whatever it may be, lifting goal, new iPhone, or food; I want it and I want it NOW! This can be good and […]

What Are Your Goals?

Whether we verbalize or write them down, we all have some type of goal we hope to accomplish with our exercise programs. Goal setting is all well and good and there is tons of research that supports the practice. If goal setting is so good though, how come it seems so hard to maintain our […]

Commercial Gym Superhero

If a weight is left on a barbell and no one is around to rack it, does it re-rack itself? This question has plagued many weightlifters within the commercial community but is still unanswered, until today. The answer is NO. But then how do all the weights left on all the barbells get racked? This […]

The best exercise program

Pop quiz! Which exercise style is the best? A. Powerlifting B. Weightlifting C. Crossfit D. Bodybuilding E. None of the above. The answer to that question is one of the most heated debates in the health industry. The one thing that we can all agree on, pop quizzes suck. So how do we go about […]

How to Avoid Work out Burn out

 “Hmm In-n-Out, that looks good why don’t I get that for dinner tonight.  Damn I’m late, I’ll stop at Taco Bell before I go to work to get some food.  Nah I don’t feel like going to the gym tonight I’m too tired I’ll only miss once this week.”  This used to be some of […]

Iron Wars II- Attack Of The Legs

Our story continues a long time ago on a day not as far away. In Part 1 of the Iron Wars series we covered my fall from grace (aka my injury, not being able to lift how I would like and learning I would need surgery). Phantom Labrum was the beginning of our tale and […]

Mobility Issues In Youth Athletics – Pt 2

In part one of the series we discussed mobility problems of the thoracic spine athletes develop while sitting hunched over in class all day. Although getting athletes to stand more in class would be ideal, it is not necessarily practical. The constant sitting leads athletes to shut off one of the strongest groups of muscles […]